Hunter Region Businesss Hub

Hunter Region Businesss Hub
Hunter Region Businesss Hub


Hunter Region Business Hub provides small to medium businesses in the Hunter region with low-cost advice, training, digital advisory services, office space and workshops to help them build and develop sustainable businesses. They use experienced local business advisers who understand the challenges small businesses face in the Hunter area. The advisers have a range of skills and expertise across a variety of industries. The Hunter Region Business Hub aims to assist new and existing businesses through a range of low-cost advisory services, including: business planning and development, managing cash flow, social media and digital marketing, software solutions, privacy and data solutions, customer relations, growth strategies and strategic planning, assistance with grant applications. Hunter Region Business Hub also offers online workshops, training room hire and access to the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS).

Australian Small Business Advisory Service (ASBAS)

ASBAS Digital Solutions offers small businesses low cost, high quality advice on a range of digital solutions to meet their business needs. Small businesses with fewer than 20 full-time (or equivalent) employees as well as sole traders can access to services at a subsidised rate, across all metropolitan and regional areas.

Stage of Development: MVP, Validation, Commercialisation, Scaling

Type: Advice

Sector: N/A

Persona: Start-up, Scale-Up, SME