Investing in Women Funding Program – GRANTS NOW OPEN

The NSW Government is pleased to continue the Investing in Women funding program in 2019.

The Investing in Women funding program funds NSW organisations to develop and implement projects that support:

  1. Improve women’s financial wellbeing and security and support diverse and flexible employment opportunities for women and girls
  2. Promote and support a holistic approach to women’s health across the lifespan
  3. Support women’s engagement through social networks, access to information and building confidence using diverse representation of women and girls.

Increasing women’s participation leads to benefits for individuals, families and the community. Advancing the role, status and contribution of women and girls in our communities will grow the talent pool available for the workforce, encourage more diversity and flexibility for women and men in the workplace, and result in increased innovation, productivity and prosperity.

Since 2013, Women NSW has delivered six rounds of Investing in Women funding to enhance women’s economic opportunities and leadership in NSW. In 2018, 14 organisations received a grant under the program.