February: Paul Usher – Basics of Blazor + Peter Tylee – Q# and Qantum computing

  • Networking Events
  • Newcastle Coders Group
  • Ring Road, Callaghan
  • February 5, 2020, 06:00 pm
  • Posted January 30, 2020 11:29 am

Event Overview

We're back in 2020. We'll kick the year off with a talk from Paul Usher on Blazor the way to run C# in your browser using Web Assembly and an introduction to Q# and Quantum computing.

Dev Express

Run sheet
5:45 PM - doors open
6:00 PM - Tech News
6:15 PM - Peter Tylee Q# and Quantum Computing
7:00 PM - Pizza and Networking
7:30 PM - Paul Usher Basics of Blazor
8:15 PM - Give aways and end.

About Paul and The Basics of Blazor
Paul Usher is a Technical Evangelist at DevExpress. DevExpress technologies help software developers build high-performance business solutions, see complex software with greater clarity, increase productivity, and create stunning applications for Windows® and the Web in the shortest possible time. Prior to joining DevExpress, Paul ran (and still owns) an independent software development company which specializes in custom solutions from small to medium businesses as well as Government, with a focus on mobile and paperless solutions. He has developed more than 120 commercial applications on Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and other platforms that are used worldwide covering a wide range of industries from retail, medical, construction, and various service industries. Paul is a published author and speaks at industry events around the world. His blog is available at https://pauluser.info

Join DevExpress Technical Evangelist Paul Usher as he takes you through the Basics of Blazor. In this short presentation you will see how to;

Create a Blazor Server-Side project
Implement SQL Database connections
Add your own pages / components
Show modal dialogs
Present toast notifications
Create a report designer and viewer

With Blazor being the latest hot topic from Microsoft, Paul will also take up the debate on why he thinks developers should take this new technology seriously. Fast paced, fun filled and guaranteed to generate some healthy discussions. Oh, and DevExpress are buying the pizza :) :)

About Peter Tylee:
Pete Tylee has over 20 years' commercial development experience, both in Australia and abroad. He is the principal developer at local development studio GistLens. Recently his interest in technology brought Q# and the world of quantum computing to his attention

By the end of this presentation you will ...
* Know what quantum computing is
* Have at least a general idea of what you can do with it
* Understand the state of quantum computing today
* Know how to get started as a quantum developer
* Know where to find more information

Don't worry - he's not going into the heavy maths, but will go into some quantum code.

When & Where

  • From: February 5, 2020, 06:00 pm
  • To: February 5, 2020, 09:00 pm
  • Location: ICT Building
    Ring Road, Callaghan
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