$3 million available for Smart City ideas

Circular Economy

The NSW Government will launch three Smart City Innovation Challenges this year to seek new ideas from the emerging technology market, with the first challenge about the circular economy. 

They are looking for innovative solutions to help the NSW Government plan and deliver circular economy initiatives in NSW.

The NSW Government need comprehensive and accessible data insights so they can:

  • measure, benchmark and track material usage, recycling and disposal across industries
  • visualise the impacts and benefits of circular economy interventions across the entire product lifecycle
  • identify and quantify opportunities across the material lifecycle
  • help investors, businesses, utilities and governments identify circular economy opportunities
  • evaluate the impact of past and current initiatives.

In the first of three challenges, the NSW Government will release up to $1 million for the best proposal to test their solution with the NSW Government as a partner.

Each challenge will start with an open call for proposals to address a specific problem statement, with the best entries presented live at a pitch event. The best three ideas will be selected and supported with funding and access to information to conduct a feasibility study. Joint proposals are also eligible to apply.

Applications to take part in the first Smart City Innovation Challenge are now open.

NSW Government is seeking new technology and data solutions to address this challenge:

How might we generate, model and access precinct-level material usage, reuse, recycling and disposal data to support circular economy initiatives?

Submit your ideas before 2 pm on 29 April 2022.

Check it out https://www.dpie.nsw.gov.au/our-work/strategy-and-innovation/smart-places/smart-places-innovation-challenges/challenge-1-circular-economy 


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