Hunter iF Limited Acquires NEWiHub Innovation Community Platform from City of Newcastle

Hunter iF Limited is excited to announce the successful acquisition of the NEWiHub Innovation Community platform from the City of Newcastle. The NEWiHub platform, built by RamenLife, is a robust and contemporary community platform designed to foster the growth and prosperity of innovation ecosystems. This acquisition marks a significant milestone for Hunter iF Limited as it strengthens its commitment to supporting the thriving innovation ecosystem in the Greater Newcastle and Hunter regions.

For over four years, NEWiHub has been a pivotal hub within the local innovation ecosystem, facilitating connections, disseminating valuable information, and fostering relationships among key stakeholders. Recognizing the platform’s exceptional value and immense potential for further growth, Hunter iF Limited has strategically decided to invest in NEWiHub and drive its expansion to benefit the community.

Alex Brennan, Chair of Hunter iF Limited, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, stating, “NEWiHub has been at the centre of the Greater Newcastle and Hunter regions’ innovation ecosystem for over four years, connecting, informing, and building relationships. We are delighted to invest in this platform and work towards expanding the community. By leveraging NEWiHub’s capabilities and building upon its strong foundation, we aim to enhance collaboration, accelerate innovation, and propel regional economic growth.”

Under the ownership of Hunter iF Limited, NEWiHub will continue to provide a dynamic space for entrepreneurs, startups, researchers, and industry leaders to connect, collaborate, and exchange ideas. The platform’s innovative features and user-friendly interface will empower community members to explore new opportunities, access valuable resources, and leverage collective knowledge and expertise within the ecosystem.

Hunter iF Limited extends its gratitude to the City of Newcastle for its stewardship of NEWiHub, which has played a vital role in supporting the local innovation community. The acquisition of the platform represents a shared commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the Greater Newcastle and Hunter regions.

With this acquisition, Hunter iF Limited is excited to embark on a new chapter and invites all stakeholders, entrepreneurs, and innovators to join the NEWiHub community. Together, we will create a vibrant and inclusive ecosystem that drives economic growth, job creation, and transformative innovation in the region.

For more information about Hunter iF Limited and the NEWiHub Innovation Community platform, please visit or contact Gordon Whitehead at or 0410 596698.

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