SwitchDin named as finalist in Digital Energy Systems for SET Awards 2020

The German Energy Agency (dena), in conjunction with the World Energy Council (WEC) has selected Australian distributed energy management software developer SwitchDin as one of three companies to compete in the Digital Energy Systems category for the 2020 Startup Energy Transition (SET) Awards. Close to 600 startups from around the globe applied for this year’s Awards, according to dena.

Jury members and startup rating agency EarlyMetrics evaluated the portfolio of applications and deemed SwitchDin’s technology to be an important innovation for the global energy transition.

SwitchDin is an Australian company that brings rich data, intelligence and real-time control capabilities to distributed energy resources (DERs), bridging the gap between traditional energy utilities, manufacturers and energy end-users. The company’s technology enables virtual power plants, microgrids and advanced network services incorporating many different types of DERs.

Read more at https://www.switchdin.com/blog/2020/2/14/german-energy-agency-names-switchdin-as-finalist-in-digital-energy-systems-for-set-awards-2020

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